I’d still go for a slightly


I’d still go for a slightly simpler camera than the sony pxw-fs7. A few reasons- firstly it’s ‘modular’ in the sense that there’s a certain amount of camera building, which means more parts and processes to go wrong. The simpler the camera, the more you can focus on rushing around and getting the coverage you need, rather than swapping lenses etc.

Secondly, the camera has a super 35 sensor, which will get you lovely looking shots in relatively low light. But it comes with some of that cinematic look you didn’t want, as well as a shallower depth of field which will make focus pulling tricker. Not what you want if you need your shot to be ‘cuttable’ at all times.

I’d go for something more camcorder style, with an inbuilt lens and less technicals for you to worry about. We’ve used the canon xf305 at live events and it’s never let us down. It’s small enough and light enough to run around with, the setup is nothing more that locking it on the tripod, and all the controls are ergonomic. Plus the price tag is significantly smaller than the fs7.

We’ve even used it for some corporate videos- http://www.44-16.com

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