I’d run seperate mics (one


I’d run seperate mics (one for each instrument or vocal, to a mixer ( I have a peavy pv6 usb and an older bose system) and run the usb out to my macbook into either Audacity, Garageband, or Soundtrack…. and also from the soundboard to the mic jack on the camcorder.

The main problem with the mic jack on the camera is if there are any pauses in the music, the camera on auto, tries to up the gain on the mic and it mucks things up.. so use manual mic levels….. the soundboard to the laptop doesn’t do that…. and is your backup…

sorry, I have both sr12 and hc1, the sr12 doesn’t do manual mic levels…. you definitely want a laptop or external sound recorder to have a backup to use in post… pauses in audio will muck up the volume levels in camera…

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