I’d recommend two ways to


I’d recommend two ways to start out:

1) apprentice. find a pro, volunteer to help out a couple times, to gain some experience, and see if you can land a job for a season or two, then head out on your own, if they can’t pay you what you’re worth.

2) Don’t get a reputation as a bargian basement pro. You start off dirt cheap in an industry where most jobs come word of mouth, you’ll find that word of mouth works against you when you try to jack up your prices. “But you shot my cousins Jenny’s Wedding for half that much…forget it we’ll find somebody else…” Charge what the job would be worth if you get it right (don’t even bother if you aren’t confident you can do it right), and be prepaired to offer a full refund if something goes wrong. “My cousin Jenny says you’re honest….that’s why we called you…”

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