I’d recommend it to anyone


I’d recommend it to anyone who’s serious about professional video or currently working in professional video. It’s especially helpful if you’re planning on purchasing a lot of gear, because you can get your hands on just about everything at the manufacturer’s booth. It definitely is a "high-end" market, but they have lots of solutions for every type of shooter/editor. I’ve never done any of their courses, but I’d imagine they’re worth it, as it is the premiere industry show. As far a prices go, you’re going to pay a premium to get in the door. Occasionally, you’ll see free passes to the show room floor available from certain manufacturer’s, but there’s no telling who or when or how many passes they have.

I’ll more than likely be there next year. If you do decide to go let us know, maybe we can all get together and do a Videomaker Meet-Up in Vegas. Reporting All Video Geekdom!


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