I’d also love to hear from


I’d also love to hear from someone who has experience doing something like this. The article (that Spencer mentioned) had some valuable info but didn’t have the depth I’m looking for.

What I am capable of adding:
– Premiere Elements does NOT let you do the multicam editing like Pro does. Here is a how-to on doing multi-cam:

I’ve heard of a semi-inexpensive remote controller called a Grizzly Pro. Unfortunately, for the live switching I think it just uses the composite out from your cams. (only fairly certain on that)

Otherwise, if you don’t want to switch, and do all of the work in post-production (ie multi-cam), you can simply monitor the two cameras via a TV (switching the composite-in with a $15 switch) while you record to tape. A portable DVD player that has composite-in can work as your TV. Having that TV monitor can be valuable, especially for getting your manual zoom & focus.


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