“I’d also have to go again


“I’d also have to go against part of what you said on the ‘capabilities of the computer’.”


I thought the ‘computer not spec’d out for HD’ line clarified that. Pardon me for not making my line of thought clearer.

If you are working strictly in SD DV then the scenario you mentioned would apply. Trying to use the same systems to work with HD will result in the celeron maybe capturing one or two short clips before it crashes the system and being unable to edit the footage after a reboot. The dual-core would have no problem working with HD. Having a system crash in the middle of capture and being incapable of working with any surviving footage would constitute a serious ‘quality issue’ in my book.

Also, the better your computer’s capabilities the better it will be able to handle footage during capture, editing and export. A system that bogs down during those processes can introduce errors into the footage and force you to use lower compression rates than you’d want to use just to get out product. If your system can’t handle working with uncompressed video in DV (fugeddabout HD), you’re going to have ‘quality issues’.

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