I’d also add that if using


I’d also add that if using a couple of PnS cameras, you’ll also need a separate recorder. I would recommend the Zoom H1. It’s a lot less expensive than the H4 which is a much more professional rig, but gets excellent audio for the price. Whatever recorder you get, please get a fuzzy muff to cover the recorder’s mics. Rycote, WindTech and K-Tek make fuzzy’s that will fit. Also, with the H1 stay off ‘Auto Levels’. They are way too sensitive. Keep it on manual audio and adjust your levels as needed.

As for the Hero2 it’s a very good small form factor sports/crash camera. But even the latest model doesn’t allow any of the image controls many PnS cameras offer for still or video. It’s full auto which is fine for uncontrolled action shots. Terrible for a controlled setting like a studio interview. You’re right about the mike input but I would feel safer with a dedicated audio recorder especially with on-camera talent. Truthfully as I mentioned, a dedicated video camera would be the much better choice but most models of PnS cams use a lot of the tech their DSLR siblings use. Now, you most likely won’t have a mike input or audio inputs for recording, but you didn’t want to use that anyway for anything other than reference audio during syncing.

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