I’d agree it’s a bit off t


I’d agree it’s a bit off topic – but that’s OK. πŸ™‚

I would suggest that to approach music from a technical aspect of choosing a tempo (120bpm, etc.) so that you can time and edit your videos easier is a bit “anti-musical” if I may boldly say. That’s like using ONE flavor or color. It’s approaching it from the mindset of an engineer and we’re talking about music and picture – which SHOULD evoke feeling and emotion.

Music should provoke some sort of feeling(s) and tempo has a massive amount of influence on genre and style – let alone that feeling. I have never approached a musical composition from a static (engineered) point of view. If I did, I would be out of business!! I would strongly encourage you and anyone possibly reading this to approach music as being true to itself – authentic. Then approach your video and story as true to itself – authentic. What is the story? What is the feeling? Is it authentic? Then find the proper partnership between all of those “truths.” Look for the right partnership of media based on the feeling and emotion. Not on a static tempo. It WILL translate much better to many more actual feeling human beings. πŸ˜‰ m

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