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i43 Productions Wrote:

probably the thing that is most frustrating to you is that most churches DO have a large amount of volunteer/donated work. as a result, it’s entirely plausable that some people will come to expect a free/reduced payment for your services and if they don’t get that, then they’ll find some way to do it on their own…which generally results in crap.

BTW… my website is incomplete (http://www.cyclefly.net/i43/) and a couple of my videos are available for purchase via sermonspice.com here and here

I’ve got another one hopefully going up soon. before you jump on me for lack of videos or anything, i’ve been working in religious media for just under 7 years in various forms but i’ve only recently gone freelance in any way so i don’t have much to start selling myself.

As a matter of fact, I am currently producing a video for my church for national distribution for almost nothing (just enough to recover my cost). So while they expect to be able to get service for cheap or free, it is because they DO get it cheap or free. God isn’t broke.

And, are you telling me that you sell sermons? Like for a profit? Sounds alot like when the money changers were selling sacrificial animals in the temple for a profit. Jesus drove their animals out and scattered their money.

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