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i43 Productions Wrote:

actually, your comment about religious organizations having no concept of the expense is not just a religious thing. there are lots of people out there who don’t get the concept. it just happens that religious organizations generally haven’t been doing as much media oriented stuff as maybe the local car dealership has. don’t get pissed off at someone for being new to a concept. that’ll just drive them away even more. instead, explain it to them and let them see what kind of work goes into it. i’ve done that at a couple churches and organizations and once they see the work, then they understand.

I have to disagree with your comment about churches not having any more media experience than a car dealorship. Most larger churches create videos of their services. EVERY WEEK.

By the way, who are you? And what are these churches and organizations whos eyes you have opened to the world of video budgeting? I assume you have a website. What is the address? How about sharing some of your work?

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