I wouldn’tdo tapesat all –


I wouldn’tdo tapesat all – for me, it’s well worth it, especially in times of high humidity. In the situation you’re in, you should be able to afford a system that handles AVCHD or is at least enough power to convert it. If record time’s a real problem, then get the 128 GB pack if you’re buying the Sony camcorder. AVCHD has also matured as far as looks. They say there’s still artifiacts, but you hardly every notice them. I would definitely notice more problems with dropouts and failures on tapes than I would artifacting on AVCHD camcorders if I were using them.

Many people balked at the MPEG-2 format when it came out, but I haven’t noticed much of a speed difference at all when editing both MPEG-2 (720×480) and DV-AVI formats.

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