I wouldn’t rely on a hard


I wouldn’t rely on a hard drive. In an experience I had, a hard drive of mine was used daily. It was always on and worked flawlessly. Then I got a larger one and safely stored this one. When I went to use it again a few months later, it didn’t work. Mounting was hit or miss. When it finally did mount, data would seem to be corrupted shortly after a file transfer to the drive. I tried to repair the disk using Disk Warrior, but then the disk just wouldn’t mount again. It seems it went bad because it wasn’t in its daily use anymore. Doesn’t really make sense, but I NEVER had a problem with the drive when it was used every day.

I really don’t recommend relying on a hard drive, but if you must, back up to 2 or 3 hard drives. Actually, no matter what medium to back up to, you should have 2 or 3 copies.

Whether it’s DVD or Blu-ray, I’ve always felt data discs were very reliable. If the disc is burned successfully, that data isn’t going anywhere as long as you keep the disc safe, which isn’t hard to do. Just keep it in one of those CD book things.

I’d suggest LTO tape, but you’re not backing up enough data for it, and initially it’s expensive. But certainly keep LTO tape in mind for the future. An LTO machine can cost as little as $3000, but the 800GB tape cartridges are only $45. This is a very reliable and speedy medium for archiving if you are generating enough content for it to be worth the investment and if you’re getting paid enough.

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