I wouldn’t lend my camera to


I wouldn’t lend my camera to my sister, let alone hand it over to a rental house to hand over to a complete stranger.
However, if for some reason I decided I had to do this I would have my attorney draw up a contract with the rental house, a contract that spelled out that the repair of ANY damages would be paid for in full by the rental house at the time of repair, that in the case of loss you would be reimbursed x-dollars to replace the camera, and would include any other details to insure the well-being of my $8500 investment.
I would also have an inventory listing camera, lens and any other accessories, which I would have the rental house sign each time they took possession of the gear.
And I’d make certain to have enough paperwork to satisfy the IRS when I claimed depreciation of the camera at the end of the year.
Trust no one and leave nothing to chance.

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