I wouldn’t bother switchin


I wouldn’t bother switching from any DV camera to a different one at this point in time when HD acquisition and delivery is finally becoming a practical reality for weddings and other events. Switching to HD won’t necessarily increase your marketability but sticking with DV will leave you at a disadvantage as more and more of your competition upgrades to HD and customers increasingly ask for that. The HVX200 might be a good choice for some of the more advanced projects you want to pursue but not particularly for weddings, as HD recording on that camera is expensive for long events. (But you could shoot weddings in widescreen DV mode and probably not lose much business while offering DVCProHD recording for other projects.)

As far as low-light issues are concerned, the upcoming Sony XDCAM EX camera will likely be the best HD camera under $10K in this regard. The Sony FX1 or Z1U are your next best choice for low-light HD recording and are being used successfully by many for weddings – but they’re not as sensitive in poor light as the camera you have now.

Audio is more compressed on HDV cameras than DV models but this is of limited concern for typical event work. The HVX200 uses uncompressed audio as does the EX camera mentioned above, so those are your two main choices if you want something better than HDV in terms of audio.

I’d suggest sticking with your current camera a little longer and start reading up on HD production tools and workflow so you can make an informed buying decision for new equipment. DV is basically on its way out now for professional videography purposes, but that will likely be a gradual transition.

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