I would tie the shoot name to


I would tie the shoot name to the release files. For example: "Shoot name=Grad level student/faculty interact. 1/24/2018." This would be on a clap board or cardboard, shot at the beginning of the shoot so it becomes a permanent part of the video. Store all the clips from this shoot on your computer in one folder or on a data DVD.

Collect all the release forms, scan them and put them into a folder on the computer called "Grad level student/faculty, etc." Linking the two when you need to use a video clip from the Grad level shoot shouldn't be difficult. After scanning, store the release forms in a filing cabinate if its necessary to keep them.

If Jane Doe challenges the use of her image you need only look to where the clip came from and check the appropriate release form folder on your computer.

One procedure that can reduce the record keeping considerably is to ask all the students who do not want their image recorded to sit together in a part of the room that you can avoid while shooting. You should also announce to the class that they are about to be recorded on video and that anyone who doesn't want their image recorded should move to this safe area. Make this announcement with the camera running so there can be no debate at a later date.

The biggest problem, as I see it, is that you're going to be constantly looking over your shoulder; i.e., you'll always be wondering "Is this student who's picture I'm about to use actually represented by a release form?" And there may be no way to confirm or avoid this, given that you're taping in a very public environment with a constant ebb and flow of students, faculty and staff. You can only do your best.

Given the variety of uses to which you propose using this video material I would certainly want my legal department involved in drawing up the release form, and I'd want solid answers to questions such as whether you need releases from students incidently recorded while passing from one class to another, for example, or incidently recorded at a sporting event. How public are public places at the institution and to what degree does an expectation of privacy exist? The legal aspects of all of this are not trivial.

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