I would think that the new


I would think that the newer Blu-ray/DVD players would work better than the ones from years ago. Anyway, I learned years ago that just because it plays fine in your computer or set top player, does not mean it will play well in someone else’s equipment. Here is the recipe I settled on and have not had any complaints since:

  1. Limit the video quality to no more than 7000Kbps.
  2. Use Dolby digital auto.
  3. Use high quality DVD-R blanks. I use Taiyo Yuden. Avoid the standard brands you find in your local store. Those may be fine for your own everyday recordings, but when you have a paying customer, don’t buy the cheapest deal.
  4. Don’t record at the max speed. Generally, no more than 8x.
  5. Invest in a thermal printer for shiny silver blanks or an inkjet printer that can print on white blanks. Look at Casio & Epson. Stick-on labels will eventually bubble or peel, causing an imbalance in the disc and more susceptible to read errors.

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