I would suggest you get a


I would suggest you get a professional looking camera. The camera I mentioned above is probably capable, but the zoom is aweful because controlled by a slide button.  Too difficult to have a smooth zoom.   Also, the camera looks amaterish.


One of my buddies was telling me about his camera. He said it probably wasn't better than most consumer cameras…it was lower priced professional looking camera.  I dont' remember what it was called.


People expect wedding or event videographers to look professional.  I recall a wedding where the videographer had a D300 Nikon and the clients were complaining he was a hobbyist.  They expected to see a shoulder mount camera I guess.


You'll get really good advice here.  Start your own thread and ask your questions. Also, the search is pretty awesome.  I would suggest just starting out you follow craigslist.  You can get some very good deals there, but don't buy if you can't go and physically see the camera and meet the seller.

Take some cash and don't leave a deposit unless you are very sure of your seller.





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