I would suggest visiting t


I would suggest visiting the Mac.com website. I have included the link directly to the MAC pro.


Then just click on Configure it now.

Understand that the basic specs of the machine are 4 HD bays. And up to 16GB RAM.

You can choose between:

– 2GHZ/2.66GHZ/3GHZ – Dual core Board — Or 3GHz Quad Core.
– Up to 16GB Memory
– A Raid Card
– Different types of Video cards
– DVD writers
– ETC.

But like the other posters said. If you are going to be editing movies and film. The MAC Pro is the way to go.
Like I said before. THe HD bays are hot swapable so you can put in and take out the Storage drives as needed.

And you will need a lot of storage.

Hope this helps[/list][/list]

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