I would suggest a trial at


I would suggest a trial at a lower bit-rate. 8500 kB/smight be pushing it a bit for the gear you are using. If you must push the limits of the ‘DVD-Standard’, ensure that you are using variable bit-rate set at an ‘average’ of not more than 8000. For my own mpg2 stuff I used to set the maximum bit-rate to 9200 and leave the software to set the lower limit. Since, in many cases that is as low as ‘2’, it effectively ‘floats’ and the averageusually comes-out about 8000 kB/s or somewhat less. There is a school-of-thought, which says that any rate over 7000 kB/s comes up against a law of diminishing returns and is, essentially, a waste-of-time. My mpg2 stuff was usually pretty acceptable at that. Of course ‘double-pass’ with its extra analysis stage is best, if you have the time available.

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