I would strongly recommend


I would strongly recommend the sony RX-10 i or ii, they shoot in 50 mbs xavc-s,do very well in low light, and have a mic port. low light is comparable to the gh3, obviosly you can get a better/faster lens for the gh3 which would give it and edge. the rx-10 Maybe slightly better than the a6000/5100, The FZ-1000 is not nearly as good in low light, it’s strengths lie elswhere.
lx 100 looks pretty good though,

some things to keep in mind are that the rx10 has optical stablization, but the manual focus is not mechanical which means you will not be able to attach a follow focus.

You can Search YouTube/Vimeo for sample footage
ie,”FZ-1000 low light” etc… and take a look at that,
a6000/5100 will obviously be the best at shallow depth of field,
I shoot on an RX-10 and have used and a6000 so if you have any questions about those feel free to ask.

hope this helps,

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