I would stick to your gun


I would stick to your gun and edit with Sony Vegas Pro on a decent Windows computer. Windows Vista’s a tradeoff, but Windows 7 is much better. Windows XP is what I use, and is still the best Windows choice. What type of video are you editing? If it’s 1920×1080/60p video and youwant good preview, then I would get a large Desktop and build yourself a system. Otherwise, I’d simply purchase a fast (Dell) laptop or desktop. You usually run into more problems trying to upgrade than simply getting a fast system.

I edit with Sony Vegas Pro 10 on a 2.33GHz CentrinoDuo 2GB RAM 150GB 7200rpm HDD system. It was already upgraded, but you can still buy it this fast. The hardrive (I recommend 7200rpm) is a more manageable upgrade.

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