I would put this question


I would put this question in the same box as “Do you turn your computer off at night?” The answer depends on the questionnaire.

Example 1 My Intense Sports Son: My son uses digital video cameras recording to flash to record his skate board tricks, he will also “tape” it the front of his bike and then jump off a cliff. The stabilizer was on once when he was filming, the quality was unwatchable, looked like waves of water kept washing over the camera. So Since I knew what he was using the camera for when he asked me I told him “Never use the stabilizer”

Example 2 Me: I used my camera once sat at 24FPS 1920×1080 mts and took off running, I had the stabilizer on, bad idea.

As EarlC stated depends GREATLY on the circumstances. I do not use it because I forget it is on. But there are some cases when it would come in handy, filming a snow scene and it is cold. Filming a hold up and you are shaking in fear.

To turn off or not to turn off the computer at night depends on the USER activity and preference, either way is NOT bad to the computer at all.

To use or not to use the stabilizer, depends on the user.

When you said that I recalled a very very very very very popular video training book written by a HUGE name cinematographer out of California who in his book laid out two rules, no stabilizer and forget the zoom exist on a camera. I learned from countless people whispering in my ear as I was filming, “I thought you were never to use the zoom” Do what you need to do to get the shot you need to get, use what others teach you as tools for your bag.

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