I would not invest in film


I would not invest in film as an aquisition format for movies. The money it takes to purchase a decent 35mm film camera is a sizable expense, but when you add in the cost of film, processing, work prints, internegatives, the seperate audio tapes & locating editors, or going the digital intermeadite route when you still process the film & pay for the scan to digital for post, it all gets expensive. Especially when you consider that the film "Miami Vice" was shot totally with digital cameras and in a recent article in "Millimeter" Clint Eastwood states he expects to be shooting in digital in the foreseeable future. More & more major motion pictures are moving into the digital realm. And it seems that the majority of independent productions are already totally digital up to the point of distribution. So invest your energy in digital production techniques & your money should follow.

Good Luck, Tony Clark

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