I would like to comment on


I would like to comment on theMiniDV (tape) optionversus thehard drive or Flash options.
I agree thatthe hard driveor flash options will allow you to download full high definition video to your computer much quicker than capturing via firewire. The real problem though is what do you do with it then?
Most videographers, having spent a considerable amount of time capturing good quality footage with their camera will want to archive the footage instead of chucking it away. And if you store it any other way, hard drive or flash cards, that is what you will ultimately finish up doing. Storing on tape is in the end the simplest, cheapest and safest option. (imagine what you could loose if your hard drive crashed)

Ihave a Cannon HV20 (almost identical to the HV30 but with a worse zoom control) and get good results. Converted to SD, in the camera thepicture quality under reasonable lighting conditions is as goosd as my GL2.I have experienced no dropouts using new tapes every time. The tape only gets three passes. One to stripe, one to shoot and one to capture. Then it is archived. If you want that bit of footage in a year or two it is still there in the original quality.

Another good idea when buying a new tape camera is to only use the one make of tape. I have several SD cameraa and have always used Sony Mini DV tapes but with the HV30 I started with and will keep using JVC DVM60 tape.

I edit with Adobe Premier Pro CS3 which will allow you to burn direct to Blue Ray

Good luck.

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