I would let them know that

AvatarKevin Mc

I would let them know that you normally charge by the hour starting the moment you arrive. However, “this time only” you’ll knock an hour off the invoice for the down-time – but not in the future. For clients who hire me for more than one job, I tend to be lenient. But, at the same time, we make our money by the hour, and every hour counts. Because of this, whenever possible, I give a flat-rate for many jobs, and outline exactly how many hours are included in that rate, and what costs extra. I make it clear in my contracts, when working by the hour, that the client is paying for my time, whether or not I’m behind the camera – and suggest to them that they be ready to go when I arrive. If you think about it, you could have spent that hour editing another job, or working on getting new business. So wasted time is costing you money, and the client needs to know that. Just my 2 cents…

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