I would highly recommend g


I would highly recommend going with an HDV camera for your situation. Yes, technically sd will get you by for now, but lets face it, nobody wants to watch anything in sd anymore. And if they have to watch it in sd they want it to at least be in widescreen. All of sony’s HDV cameras have downconvert options built right in, so you won’t have to edit in HDV if you choose not to. The benefit is that they use the same tape, what’s recorded on the tape just looks a ton better. My first camera was a canon Gl2 and don’t get me wrong it was a very good camera, but once I upgraded to a sony FX1 I never used the Gl2 again, and consequently sold it while I could still get some money out of it. The bottom line is that if you are spending the money, it’s a grave mistake not to go for a camera that can shoot HD. You are right in being convinced to stick with tape, and again I will recomment the sony Z7u as a fantastic camera that can both shoot to tape as well as to solid state for the best of both worlds. I personally see no reason to go with panasonic, they have dedicated all efforts to solid state, but their optics are behind, and it’s just not practical for most instances. I would definately consider the Z7u and if you can wait, maybe the Z5u that is coming soon by sony will be best for you.

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