I would consider the need,


I would consider the need, or not, for audio continuity. If I need the audio to this shoot, however I am acquiring it into my single camcorder, I keep rolling. If I only need the audio during the visuals I acquire, then I would prefer to stop shooting, then resume when Ive acquired my next position.

Using my Zoom H2 units, I now have some serious and sufficient audio backup that I can pretty much stop and start my camcorder at will, knowing that one or more of my off camera recording units will support my audio needs.

Not even wireless or hardwired systems has been as dependable to me as my H2s. And wireless will get even worse as federal rulings allow other devices to continue to encroach upon the currently available frequencies.

Hard wired microphones often create problems because you are tethered to the connection, limiting your movements of youre feeding into the camcorder. Ive not yet felt the need, or desire, to feed hardwired external mics into my H2s. I am quite satisfied with the ease of use, quality and dependability of these units.

I spread them around like “record bombs using convenient on location positioning, and a few lightweight mic stands where needed. Only one thus far has been tampered with, in this case stolen, and I use six of them religiously.

Sorry, got off on a tangent there, but seriously when you want to control your footage, shooing ONLY what you need, but audio continuity is an important factor, auxiliary acquisition is the way to go.

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