I would choose the NX100 if


I would choose the NX100 if for no other reason than its built-in ND filters which for you, shooting outdoors, is a must. However, I'm very biased toward the NX100 because I own two NX5U cameras and shoot with them regularly. Their layout and features are virtually identical to the NX100. Although a bit heavy, the cameras are robust and have a great many control features. Be aware that these are both big cameras; I wouldn't think of taking either on a holiday trip or a "long duration journey." Just too much weight to pack around.

You might take a look at the Sony FDR-AX100, which has received excellent (rave) reviews and is roughly the same price range. I haven't handled one but is appears to be much more compact than the NX100 and has most of the same features, including ND filters built in. And, if it matters to you, it shoots 4K.

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