I would burn the DVD’s but


I would burn the DVD’s but also save them to the hard drive as well…if you can save them to an external that isn’t used that often, that would be cool too.

I worked for a company that had some insignificant data stored on dvd’s…The dvd’s were only4 years old andhad cyclic redundancy errors…we were not able to retrieve some of the data. This is unusual in such a short period of time, but it can happen.

cyclic redundacy errors are more common on cd’s but canalso appear on DVD’s.

Your DVD’s should last longer than 4 years…I’d say you should get at least8-10 years out of a “Burned” Data DVD. Pressed DVD’s practically last forever, but I don’t know anybody that has their own DVD press…

To get the best results:

-Update your dvd burner firmware (this can be downloaded at the manufacturer’s website)

-Burn the data at a slower rate…4x or 6x

-store in a cool dry place.

-If you want…re-burn the DVD’s every 5-6 years or so, just to be safe.

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