I would also say I felt a


I would also say I felt a tad strange for some reason during the birthday video, right down to the end. I would probably have not used that exact font. But this peice was created with someone in specific so it could fit more than I know. At the beginning, the second thought bubble that says "I need a present for my mom" goes way too fast, and to me, the font is often hard to decifer, as it’s vibrating around like that. This bubble should have lasted a little longer I’m thinking because, since I missed what that really said at the beginning, I felt like everything in the next 2 or 3 frames or thought bubbles was being lost track of, for lack of seeing what that bubble said! hehe Anyways, liked your Korean apartment video. Among many of the neat transitions and things you have going on, I like the voodoo mask cutaway/sound.. lol

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