I would agree with the sen


I would agree with the sentiment regarding the Macintosh.
Macs have always been known for their graphic editing capabilities.

I just got a Mac Pro.
2 Dual Core Intel Xeon 2.66 GHz processors
4 Gigs of Ram (can fit up to 16 gigs)
3 TB of HD space (not mac drives)
Dual monitors (not Mac monitors)
2 ATI 512MB DVI Video cards with dual connections

And Final Cut Studios.

SInce it is an Intel board I am able to swap out some of the devices for off-shelf devices.
I got 4 Seagate 750GB SATA/300 drives at around $350 a piece (compared with $800 per mac drive)
I got 2 HP 22" widescreen monitors (Mac monitors were about $1200 each)
Final Cut studios was easy to figure out since I have been working with Adobe Prem. Pro for so long.

I have had so many problems with PC’s in the past few years, I wanted something more stable.

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