I work for a non-profit, s


I work for a non-profit, so we figured we are free to use copyrighted music in our Fire safety puppet shows (educational use, etc.). Now, I’m making a highlight videoto both thank last year’s sponsors, and rope in new ones for this year. The music in the shows (which means it’s in the video too) include “Bye, Bye, Bye” by N’Sync(?)and “Who Let the Dogs Out?” QUESTION: Can I use this highlight video as a demo reel for future jobs? NOTE: I’ll be studying this on my own too.

It is my understanding that regardless of who you work for (or who is using it), copyrighted music is not allowed to be used without purhasing rghts or acquiring permission from all the different rights holders (who wrote it, who performed it, who recorded it, who published it, who distributed it, etc…).

The DMCA is very specific about who can use what and where – Major exceptions are parody and fair use (like news organizations or schools using short clips for illustrative purposes).

It makes no difference if you are not going to be making money from it. To use a copyrighted piece of music you need to get synchonization rights, performance rights, reproduction rights, distribution rights, etc…

Also realize that while most folks are not going to be targeted but the DMCA has very sharp teeth and if you own anything or ever hope to, it is best to stay on the legal side of that line.

Just MHO – I am not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV – Please consult with legal counsel before making any decisions in this area.

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