I won’t watch commercial


I won't watch commercial television programs or news bulletins. Their intrusive "Buy! Buy! Buy!" ads drive me insane. Thank God for the ABC, Australia's (commercial-free) public broadcaster. The only commercials it shows are for itself, and I love this promo for ABC News Bulletins:



I love the shot the ABC chose for "Know The Consequence": a man being gored (in the genitals) by a bull. The first thing they told us at Ag College was: "Never turn your back on a bull, boar, stallion or ram." To which I'd add "Never turn your back on a magpie in the Spring mating season." Male magpies swoop on intruders. I got gored in the back of the head. But once mates are chosen, magpie sanity returns:




The young chap who made the amateur magpie video did a good job of telling the story. And that's what I do in my amateur videos. I tell a story:



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