I wont beat around the bush..


I wont beat around the bush….If you are going to be editing 2 or 3 vids a day, you will need the best machine and editing program and hands down regardless of what anyone may say here, FCPX and a Macbook Pro with no less than 16g's of Ram is what you need. I have used editing programs from Sony to Avid to Adobe, and none is as fast as FCPX for turing videos quickly with great results and less crashes….many less crashes.


Some may say all you need to run FCPX is 4g's or ram but I have found 16g of Ram for any serious editior is optimal. Only the 13 & 15 inch "Retina" display models offer 16gb's of Ram and up to 1tb Flash Drives. No serious Video Editor, (which you) are uses drives less than 7200rpm for editing video.  And as far as ports go, this is a point that is exagerated as the Macs not having enough to accomodate.


This is just not true! Thunderbolt technology is very robust and on one TB Port you can hook a Access Port that you can hook pretty much anything up to. But will you need it???  On a Macbook Pro, you can use the embedded SD Card reader to upload files if your camera records to such. If not, 2 USB Ports are available to attach a card reader. If you have a Jogg Shuttle like the beautifuly designed Avid Transport, which connects via ethernet, one of the TB ports along with an adapter will accomodate. Almost all Video Cameras have some kind of HDMI output for uploading files, the Macbook Pro is ready there too!


Still using Firewire, again there are adapters that the TB Port can used to connect almost anything to.   So while your gut feeling is correct that a Mac will be better for editing, you are off in that it will cost you significantly more than 2 or 3 hundred to get the machine that will take you 5 years down the road. More like 6 or 7 hundred or more.


As one post correctly stated, you can save some cash early and just use the single best editior under a  three hundred bucks….iMovie! Its very very powerful and fast with no rendering. But do purchase a copy of FCPX when you can, because it is simply….Fantastic!!…..for on the go editors. 


Good luck my friend and do not cut corners on your machine….borrow from Grandma if you have to and get a machne that you wont have to worry about for some time. And here is a thought. A 21 inch iMac is much more portable than one would think. With i7 processor, half a TB of Flash drive, and 16GB of Ram it only costs $2399 and comes with a gorgeous screen!  Something to think about as your bag for buck is better. True portability is the sacrifice.

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