I wonder if there’s people


I wonder if there’s people still looking at this thread or if there are other threads dealing with upres, which in my case would be from mini-DV to DNxHD, editing in AVid Media Composer.

Most of the stuff, probably 90% or more was shot in HDV 1080/50i. But there was around 10% that was shot on the same Sony Z1 in 4:3 DV/50i. When I started that project, in 2007, there were only HDV options for affordable HD recording, and I didn’t yet know if it was to be exhibited in SD or HD television. I am trying to find ways, not only to convert the SD to HD (which is the easy part nowadays), but to use some filters to make it “look” better.

On a project I shot later, in 2010, the approach was different. I shot with two cameras on several occasions: Sony Z1 @ HDV 1080p/60i and Sony PDX10 @ SD 720p/60i. As both were native 16:9, it was a question of trying some Avisynth plugins and see which made the image look better when blowing up to HD,

As I had used Avisynth in the past, I knew a bit on what fitlers did what. As you can imagine, when you have mostly close-ups instead of wide shots in SD, results are quite good.

But I wonder if there other software options that can resemble what BD players do, with hardware, when playing a DVD on an HD monitor.

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