I wish I had be told the f


I wish I had be told the following before I made my first music video.

Whenshooting music videos for arecording artist their live performancewill always be+or- 3 secondsof their original 3 minute song.I find the bestshoot methodisfor the artist to audio sync to their original recording and use cut-aways or B-Roll shots to cover sync mistakes.I usually do3 shoots of each song.

Place an informationtitle before the universal leader at the start of the music video noting Artist, Song, Their Management name and Contact details, video duration and specifications(eg: Pal-B),your company name and details and date. Recommended length of title is to be able read it aloud twice, and by prior your agreement toplace a small Copyright protection advice at the end of the recording.

I havefound by doing the shoot in a controlled environmentI get better results than in uncontrolled outside environment (wind,weather,other people etc etc.. My favored method is green screen studiorecoding.

As for the reality show I would make sure I get paid for the music videos because not matter how hot or gooda person’sdream is of a TV program idea, it’s easy to get caught up,very, veryfew make it and someone has to wear the cost of shooting and producing the pilot’s, that don’t make itmake surethat’s not you.

In the first instance I usuall exchange emails for whom I doing work specifically to establish a written trail of all prior agreed informationshould problems arise at a later date and in so doing I am able to rely on the fact the law places heavy weight on the original intent of the partiesinvolved should a problem arise, but then agian I don’t live in the USA.

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