I will have to say that FC


I will have to say that FCP has a deep market base, and most people know about it. I don’t edit on a MAC. I have a stable PC, always have had stable PC’s. You have to know how to properly maintain them. I use Sony Vegas Pro 8, and I’ve only experienced 2 lockups in the entire time I’ve used it. Both times were my fault. I’veedited on earlier versions of Vegas, really, no issues to speak of. I looked at Adobe products as well, yeah integration is nice, but to darn expensive. And I constantly hear about issues with those products. I am in business to make money. I’ve never had a job turned down because I don’t use FCP or AVID, basically I produce a product, and as long as it meets the client’s needs, they don’t care what it was cut on and they don’t need to know either.


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