I will chime in. Tim if yo


I will chime in. Tim if you do not have one, get a two piece suit. One that can move with you and take some punishment. Don’t run out and get a silk suit. Walmart carries a medium brown two piece suit that I have literally scurried across floors on. It is a tough suit. Why? Nothing like seeing a nicely dressed couple then off to the side someone in blue jeans and tee. Plus is carries a since of pride and professionalism. If you have not or do not wear ties on a regular basis may want to avoid. A tie is a nice addition but unless you are use to them it will distract you. I wear them nearly daily so I am use to them.

I agree with all the above, and yes you need a minimum of 3 cameras to do a wedding. And you also have to count on loosing data, you may not but you should plan for it, thus you create a backup plan. Using 1 camera is like going on a 400 mile drive with half a tank of gas. You MIGHT make it with a lot of coasting.

The short of the above post is called a shot list, but it also needs to be based on the itinerary, and for the most part wedding follow a set pattern, but the unexpected WILL happen. In one I shot two of the most aggravating things happened. At the reception the groom broke out his guitar and the DJ suddenly felt he needed to control this song the groom was doing for the bride, so I palmed my camera and took to the floor between the bride and groom, the scene came out beautiful, but it called for some serious rethinking and I was not prepared for it. The second thing was lighting, the dance floor was suppose to be lit up, but for some reason (again the DJ who thought he was some kind of control freak, in reality he was just that) turned out ALL the lights and left on a single string of xmas type lights, even the photographer opted to leave because it turned into a lighting nightmare, it was totally a nightmare and there was about 500 people trying to move around.

Yes DO NOT charge for it, or make it a wedding gift, a favor, or better yet, ask to do it as a learning experience so nothing is expected to what they will find out about. And as noted above, you noted above you were using iMovie. I am going out on a limb and guessing this is a free program similar to Movie Maker, if so I strongly suggest NOT editing your first project that you intend to promote yourself on free editing software. Spend some money on the editing. A good editor and take bad video and make it awesome. The magic happens in editing. Weddings are perhaps the hardest subject you can ever shoot. This is something that you will be forever be judged against if you mess it up. I was doing a wedding and had 3 cameras, thankfully, and I had one set up to capture the kiss from the best possible angle, and that camera failed. What is surprising, it did capture the kiss, I did check the video before going into editing, it was lost in transition form the camera to computer. Now I am a certified computer tech and I never could recover it or figure out what happened, I even had another tech with a great deal more knowledge of file recovery then me look at the drives, it was just not there. We never figured it out. So COUNT on loosing data, have more than on camera. I did get the kiss on the other two however.

None of this is to scare you away form doing this. but shooting, editing and producing is not an out of the box into the can job. I got my feet wet in 1983 with the movie Rumble Fish, then onto another that fell off due to budget issues. My biggest problem was getting the monies to buy equipment, I took two years of schooling in photography, and watched at the feet of Francies Ford Coppola. i went through a long dry spell, (teen years) then got back on the wagon, I needed refresher courses, again money, then started buying what I needed.

Some tips, watch the following movies with then without sound.
“The Outsiders-The Complete Novel” this is not the version released in theaters this was released in 2010 0r 2009 and is the entire movie as it was shot before the studio cut it up.

“Empire of the Sun”

“The Bodyguard” Matt Dillion

(I have a nice list but my mind is going blank)

But why watch with and without sound?

Your looking for the impact that music and sound effects can have. Even in a wedding, the music is extremely important. Get into the thinking of dubbing the music. Also camera angles, Francis would use two cameras on the same scene, same angle, same shot, but focused on different subjects (scene in The Outsiders with Johnny in foreground and Pony at fountain), he would then splice both together into one frame, so the background is in entire focus as is the foreground, gives the viewer a very weird effect, very useful.

And I also agree, 1 month is not enough time to even learn the feel of the camera in hand. None of this is to discourage you, but no one would swim across the English Channel after his first swim lesson. There is more to videography then meets the eye. PUN intended.

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