I will certainly upgrade t


I will certainly upgrade this time – I’ve been a serious holdout and am running 32 bit 8 Pro – I just never had the need to upgrade until now – I am building a new PC and will have Win 7 Pro 64 bit so I will get this primarily for the 64 bit support. Of course, there have been other improvements (like Pro Titler which has to be better than version 8) plus it’s just plain time.

The other big thing is Magic Bullet Movie Looks is supposed to work with it now as well (one of the reasons I kept with 8). I have used MBML a bunch and am hoping with my new build (i7-2600K, 8GB RAM, more…) I can do a render in under a day with it (Bleach Bypass for a 30 minute piece took 34 hours on my old box).

There is also supposed to be some nice additions to DVD Architect that makes for much more glitzy Blu-Ray authoring capabilities.

Once they come out with a feature chart and upgrade pricing, I’ll post them here.

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