I will be using a Sony ful


I will be using a Sony full HD camcorder that shoots AVCHD videos and have a couple of questions:

—will Premiere Pro edit the video in AVCHD or does it convert it to another HD format?

Premiere Pro can edit native AVCHD footage without needing to transcode it to another format (you can still though, if you’d rather use something like Avid’s free DNxHD it will work).

—I will probably start with a couple of hours worth of clips and
end up with about a 45min edited video. Do you have any idea how long
it will take to render

As said above, that will depend in large part on your hardware and what you output to- on average a 45 minute MPEG4 widescreen for Vimeo HD video (often with mixed input formats) takes between 35 and 50 minutes to output on an i7 machine with (only) 8 gigs of RAM.

—Finally, once its all done can I burn an SD DVD in Encore from the HD video?

Yes, you can encode for nearly any delivery format you choose, including optimization for handset devices. The combination of Media Encoder and Encore can produce some nice results.

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