“I will be transitioning f


“I will be transitioning from PC to Mac pretty soon, but Vegas does
not work on a Mac. I heard that you can use Windows on a Mac, will
Vegas run without any problems?”


I lament at your succumbing to the ‘infidelic’ influence of the ‘Evil Mac Hegemony’. We will ring the bells at sunset at your loss.

All kidding aside, yes you can still run windows aps on a ‘Bootcamp’ partitioned Mac. My fully immersed crossplatform collegues say it’s buggy, but it works. However, I don’t see the value of using a dual OS unit no matter what platform. You’re going to have your hands full with all the mac software you’ll need and relearning short cut keystrokes and wait until you go through the dragging files from a disk to the desktop and the rude awakening that they didn’t do a 1-1 copy, that’s always fun. Or my favorite, if you lose or accidentally delete a file, it’s gone baby gone. There won’t be any of that silly going into MS-DOS prompt to find it either. Your thought about keeping Vegas on your old system is a good idea. Despite, mac’s so-called ‘intuitive interface’ you’re going to have a few hair pulling sessions until you get the hang of the software. I work in the mac environment on occasion and it’s always a ‘fun’ time getting reaquainted with the overpriced fruit. However, it’s an experience I suggest all serious editors subject themselves to. Anyone so-called pro who can’t go from one system to another to do their work isn’t much of one.

Yes, you can import projects up to a point from one another in Adobe CS3+. Adobe is trying hard to make their pipeline a one-stop-shop. They dropped the ball audio wise with Soundbooth. It’s a nice intermediate tool, but it can’t hold a candle on a windless night to Sound Forge or Acid.

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