I went to B&H and clicked on


I went to B&H and clicked on some products and it seems like it's only available for Mac with the Zoom products. Is there a way to get it for PC that I didn't find? I would buy a second Zoom recorder if it was also for PC. I've been very happy with my H2n (although sorta kicking myself for not going straight to the H4n.)


Also, I could only find the offer on the Rode VideoMic Pro. (The more expensive one, but still a bargain with the software.)


I was unaware of Plural Eyes before now, and as an event videographer I've got to say it looks like the answer to years of multi camera sync annoyance. Why hasn't Adobe done this already? It doesn't seem like rocket science. If I can eyeball it and take a listen, why can't Premiere crunch some ones and zeros? πŸ™

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