I went on somewhat of a ra


I went on somewhat of a rant about a year ago on this forum and spoke very poorly of Premiere Pro (PR) in comparison to Final Cut Pro (FCP). I have now been using PR CS5.5 on a daily basis for just over two years now and I have warmed up to it quite a bit.

It essentially has much of the same functionality as FCP and what differences remain between the two seem to become less and less apparent with each release (not taking FCP-X into account!). There are just a few quirks, bugs and inconsistencies to PR that still annoy me, but you cannot deny that this is absolutely a powerful and very professional editing tool.

FCP will always hold a special place in my heart however, as this was the first tool I started editing with nearly ten years ago. Adobe is here to stay though and I am proud to be a faithful Adobe follower and I am extremely grateful for the arsenal of weaponry they have given us all!

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