I wasn’t thinking of an on


I wasn’t thinking of an on-demand service. Rather, the customer would be given a link to a web site containing a downloadable video file, which could be purchased via PayPal.

Yes, piracy is a concern. However, my customers are typically parents or grandparents of kids who they’ve just watched perform in a school play or a music/dance recital. Not your stereotypical pirate, but who knows? There could be a few people who would make a couple extra copies for out-of-town relatives. I could live with losing a few sales that way, because I would be saving a significant amount of time and money by not creating a stack of DVDs with full-color covers and then paying to ship them out.

I could negate some of the piracy concerns by having customers pay in advance for a link and a password to access the video file. I would email them the info after I have payment in hand.

A bigger concern for me is if Joe and Mary Customer (kindly but computer-challenged grandparents) are ready for the task of downloading a digital file and then knowing what to do with it after it lands on their computer.

As you can see, I’m still sorting this out in my head to determine if this is a viable option. I appreciate all your feedback!

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