I was trying to use Pinnac


I was trying to use Pinnacle Ultimate 14 for the entire project but because of this issue and the shoot tomorrow I happened upon trying Magix just now. I had no trouble keying out the green and in fact was amazed by the clarity of the background in comparison to that of Pinnacle. I did however run into a couple of problems with that software. Aside from ease of use due to unfamiliarity I didn’t see a choke or feather control. It has threshold and contrast I believe but these controls effected color and transparency far to great. The only chocking that was going on was the drain on my system. I have After Effects but if I can’t figure this out in Pinnacle can I figure it out in Adobe ? That software is so intimidating. Anyways Pinnacle is so simplistic that it doesn’t have choke or feather and since I was able to key in Magix with only minor “green edges” I know the issue isn’t in lighting. Perhaps my software sux and I gotta grow a pair, bite the bullet and dive into After Effects. What do you think ?

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