I was trained on FCP 3 and


I was trained on FCP 3 and have had jobs on with FCP HD, AVID, Premiere and current job I’m using Sony Vegas.

Over $15,000 – get an AVID package deal.

If you want to spend under $15,000 get a mac.

Premiere, Sony Vegas are as good as final cut. I’m not an apple guy per se, But… Windows is the problem, windows machines are terrible are editing. I’m sure Vista will be better, but if get a PC you just got to get used to the idea that your computer is going to crash once in a while. Especially if you are using lots of video files.

In terms of aggravation avoided alone, Macs are worth the money. Also, these days they don’t really cost that much more. For about $4,000 you could get a really good editing suite from apple.

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