I was really inexperienced


I was really inexperienced when I was once asked to shoot a couple of weddings a few years ago. I kept the camera rolling most of the time just in case I might miss important moments, never mind even if the footage is shaky as long as you have it on tape. You obviously cannot ask people to repeat key moments if you have missed it; people will laugh at you for not being pro. And I highly advise to get a second camera in there even if it is operated by an amateur.

Also think about who are the main people that will be watching the wedding video after the event. I once received a feedback by the mother of the bride that I should have shot more footage of her (the mother) and her immediate family members. Apparently this bride’s mother was very keen to show the video to her own friends and relatives, even more so than the bride and groom showing it to their own friends. So bear in the mind, the bride and groom are not the only stars during the wedding and make sure all the stars look good on camera! As I learnt, the people who watch the video usually like seeing themselves look good on camera. Do that and you will be paid well and probably also get more referral jobs too.

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