“I was picturing in my hea


“I was picturing in my head someone showing up to one ofour shoots for
our film with a photo camera and saying I am ready. I would have to
think real hard before i took what he was doing seriously.”


No worries. This echoes the discussion in the ‘Is a videographer a journalist’ thread. I ran into the same kind of thing when I showed up to big events with a handycam way back when. After people saw the footage I got with a ‘not serious’ camera, that attitude changed. Besides, if the shooter showed up and displayed a pro demeanor and seemed to know their chops, I’d give them the BOD until I saw the work. Now, if they showed up with a point and shoot or a ‘happy cam’ and no supplemental gear to increase their production values (i.e. filters, add-on lenses, etc.) it would raise an eyebrow.


Again the ’12 minute’ limit is per clip. Yes a 4GB card will only hold one 12 minute continous shot. A 32GB card will hold more. Considering the average ‘cut shot’ is 10 seconds long I don’t see what the malfunction is. I mean ask yourself, ‘what are you going to shoot for 12 minutes straight without cutting?’ Outside of surveillance footage, a concert or process research footage, 12 minutes is one long clip. As for the 30p, that’s not an issue either. The tough part is converting it from the H.264 codec into whatever you’re nle project settings are. FCP, Premiere, Avid and now Vegas can convert it so you don’t necessarily need to get a copy of quicktime pro to do it. I hear editors convert the files into 24p, 25p, and 29.97 with no prob.

I figure the main thing that would run potential buyers off is lenses. If you don’t already have any EOS lenses, you’ll have to pony up for one or two to get started. You don’t want to break the bank, but you don’t want El Cheapo (not the line of mini-marts) lenses either because they won’t have glass that can take advantage of the advanced CMOS in the Mk II.

Oh, and the video you posted is the same one I introed the post with.

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