I was part of one HDV proj


I was part of one HDV project. We burned Blu-Ray discs using the Pioneer burner. Ironically, these discs would not play on a Sony Blu-Ray player. There is supposed to be an update out for the Sony players. After we could not play the disc on his floor demo, the local Sony dealer got the update but we still could not play the disc on the Sony. We found out that the Samsung player played our discs with no issues. Interestingly, we also found that the discs could be played on a Sony Play Station 3 and they looked great. BTW. We edited 2 versions of the program on 2 edit systems. Adobe Premier Pro 2.0 and Liquid 6.1. Both had their own advantages/disadvantages. Liquid seemed a little more stable and seemed to tax the computer less. When we burned a SD version of the program to DVD, the program out of the Premier Pro edit system had a funny artifact (wavy video in one scene). Liquid burned the same file/same scene with no artifacts. BTW, after looking at the video in HDV, SD video seemed really poor. Sort of like comparing VHS to MiniDV.

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