I was looking at the G7


I was looking at the G7 specifications and it does look like there are recording limits, although for most formats fairly long. Looks like 50 minutes for 4K and then there are various times quoted for HD 60i, but don’t see them for HD 60P. I would be recording at 1080P/60 at least for a while so curious what those limits are.
The 4K options appear to be 50 minutes as I said?
Is this correct?

In reading some other things it might be that it does not stop recording but just creates a file break? Would like to confirm what it does.

I keep some footage unedited and others edit in Premiere Pro so not sure if I’ll shoot AVCHD or MP4. I always want my archive footage to be of highest quality.

I also haven’t researched if there are even any in-house streamers that will handle 4K. I know my current WDTV Live cannot.


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